IG live with Alex Hillkurtz

We have launched a series of Instagram live interviews with artists and sketchers from all over the world. Every Wednesday at 18:00 CET (19:00 Riga time) in our account @riga_sketching_school we will put our pencils and brushed down and will talk about art, creativity and life. Join us!

This time our guest was Alex Hillkurtz.

Alex is an urbansketcher, a watercolor painter living in Paris. He has been our guest during Riga sketching winter school in 2018 and Baltic sketching festival in 2019. We know quite a bit about his art and experience as a storyboard artist, but we wanted to discover him as a personality.

We picked some of his quotes for your inspiration.

- Don't be afraid of water and pigment.

- It is a blessing and a curse with watercolor. Easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master.

- I am not drawing a building. I am translating a scene. Every translation is different.

- I tend to think how an image would look on a movie screen.

- Pictures are telling stories whether you like it or not.

- It is just a piece of paper.

If you missed live event, you are welcome to watch full IG live recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqXP8rfdhdA

Follow @hillkurtz on instagram and find more of his art and upcoming workshops here: https://www.alexhillkurtzart.com/

Sketching and especially urbansketching is only partly about drawing. The other part is amazing people we meet throughout this journey. Sketching allows to sit down, to immerse into surroundings and to talk to the sketcher sitting next to you. We get to know people all around the world through sketching, we feel like we are from the same tribe, and we discover how diverse yet so similar we are. These interviews will help us to get to know people we sketch together better. And get new friends. And enjoy life more! See you on Wednesdays in instagram @riga_sketching_school.

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