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First Set of Sketching Tools

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

by Masha Zurikova

This is a sketch that every sketcher usually has. Tools. Pens, pencils, brushes and watercolours for every sketcher are so much more than tools. They are partners in our creativity process. They trigger this magical process that happens in our brains as we draw and they tell our stories. Sometimes they are random acquaintances, that become close friends or sometimes they are long awaited encounters.

I would like you to meet my friends. Here is everything you can find in my backpack: 1. A set of markers or a set of watercolors. What I use depends on the mood. I use not a very broad palette of Copic or Promarker alcohol based markers that I choose depending on my subject. I also have an established set of watercolors with limited palette. At some point of time I came to several colors I use and they are from different brands - Schmincke, Nevksaya Palitra and Daniel Smith. 2. An appropriate sketchbook. Which sketchbook you chose is very much a matter of taste. For markers I use Leuchtturm1917. For watercolor I use sketchbooks with cold-pressed cotton watercolor paper. This sketch was made in handmade leporello with Arches cotton paper. For travels I prefer to make my own leporellos and then fill them with stories of my trip. They make a wonderful collection of memories. I also use a small sketchbook for thumbnail sketches to figure out composition and take notes. 3. In both cases I use Lamy Safari fountain pen for black lines. My pen is filled with waterproof Platinum Carbon ink. Perfect combination. 4. I also have one black liners of smaller size and one brown liner. Just in case I need a different line. 5. A waterbrush for quick sketches, where I need to add just a bit of color or a general wash of watercolor. 6. Different brushes - one big mop brush, 2 smaller ones and one of different shape. Lately I have become a huge fan of Escoda brushes.

7. White gel pen or white pencil for little light details that I add in the end of my sketch.

8. Snacks.

9. And music.

That's it.

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